The Top American Bully Breeders & Bloodlines – At a Glance

The American Bully Kennels are extremely popular and their demand for dog lovers is a reason why they are bred too often and are growing in huge numbers.

This relatively new breed of companion dogs was first recognized by the American Bully Kennel club and has been one of the most sought after dogs ever since. 

This breed comes in mainly four varieties which are Classic, Standard, Pocket and XL. These varieties are classified on the basis of sizes and it is evident that this breed is available in all shapes and sizes. The average lifespan of this breed is between 8 to 12 years and for the most part of their lives, they are healthy.

They weigh between 30 and 40 kgs on average and all sicknesses that they face are only due to their body structure. Their life-span may also decrease due to their body types. Read more on the 5 different styles of American Bullies.

Their appearance lends them a look that feels aggressive and dominating too many but in reality, the American Bullies are exactly the opposite of how they look. They have a calm demeanor, are really protective, loyal and are usually very friendly with kids.

They are generally easy to train and are quite intelligent and that is why they have found a place as a family dog in households across the world. Know more about why an American Bully is so preferred.

But, as the recognition and the fame of these American Bullies increases day by day there are numerous breeders who are putting these adorable creatures upon sale. And as such finding the best American bully kennel gets overwhelmingly difficult.

In this cycle of high demand and a highly competitive market finding the top American bully kennel is a big challenge.

We have therefore in this piece brought together a list of top 10 American Bully Kennels to help you find the best dogs. This would come handy if you wish to own a Bully or have interests in starting a breeding business.

So, here’s the list of the 10 Best American Bully Kennels for sourcing the best dogs around.

1. Kurupt Bloodline

This bloodline is one of the best additions to the American bully family. This bloodline includes the larger dogs that are often also referred to as the freakish ones. This Kennel aims at producing huge animals that look pretty intimidating and scary and equally lovable with a pleasing personality.

One famous breeder of this breed in the US is Bossy Kennels. They are one of the top producers of XXL bullies in the United States. They also specialize in XL and giant-sized bullies.

These dogs have a history that traces back to the Pitbull fighters dating back to hundreds of years ago. But the breeds of the Kurupt Bloodline are much bigger in size.

They have a rich history that is not so well known and documented however there are enough mentions of the best dog of this bloodline – The Kurupt Blood panic a.k.a The Panic which is a huge male American Bully that is said to have a giant 27-inch head.

The specimen of Panic is used in the breeding of this bloodline and is also sold and marketed all across the world to other Kurupt Bloodline breeders and kennels. 

When it comes to ethical breeding, the Kurupt Bloodline is said to have a very good reputation. But, there are many who do not think this breed to be an authentic American Bully breed and as such, there is a certain reluctance by these people in accepting this breed.

If you want to find out more about this bloodline you can join the Kurupt Bloodline Facebook group

2. Razors Edge

The Razor Edge bullies are the most commonly known bullies across the world. There had been a time when there were no Razors Edge bullies but thanks to Dave Wilson, there came about a drastic change in the American Bully Kennels.

Dave started when American bullies did not exist but due to his passion and hard work, he made sure that Razor Edge Bullies come to be one of the top kennels among the American bullies. 

Dave started with an aim to prepare dogs that are strong and athletic and can be used for games and as game dogs. He was successful in breeding the best Pitbull Terriers but there was a ban that was soon imposed that hindered his plans.

After this Dave started experimenting with Genetics and used his knowledge of the genetic sciences with an aim to create a breed that is a little more of a bully but a little less of a terrier. And so what came into existence was this Razors Edge Bloodline.

This was a strong and thick dog and usually, the XL and the XXL bully kennels are the breeders of this famous bloodline. Now getting a dog bred by the Razors Edge Kennels is easy. Connect with them directly through the  Razor Edge Bloodline Facebook page.

3. Gottiline Pitbull Bloodline

This is another pretty interesting bloodline that came into existence from another bloodline of the American Bully. This bloodline was started by Richard Barajas.

His first dog died and then he bought another one from the Grey Line Kennels in 1997. This dog was called the Notorious Juan Gotty. This dog had a huge muscular appearance and hence was called Gottiline Pitbulls.

After this, the Gottiline bloodline gained immense popularity and fame in America and slowly it reached China, the Philippines, Japan, and Canada. The aim of this breeding program is to produce big and bulky Pitbulls.

The dogs from this bloodline are famous for being engaged and used in sports involving weight pulling.

These dogs look fierce and wide and can scare the shit out of the bravest people. They look pretty intimidating and scary but they are actually opposites of how they look. They maintain a calm temperament and a friendly environment wherever they are.

4. Remyline Bloodline

This bloodline was initiated from the Razors Edge bloodline in the year 2004 by Fabian Chichester. This bloodline has a reputation for producing high-quality dogs ever since it came into existence. The people usually go crazy with this bloodline.

To create this bloodline, a male from the Razor’s Edge named Remy Martin and a female Pitbull Terrier named Bella was used. There was no intent to start a new bloodline.

However, the new bloodline and the breed of American Bully came out to be so perfect that there was a huge demand for its semen. This stud was named Remy and that’s how this Remyline Bloodline came into existence. There are more than 1000 Remyline bullies in the United States.

But the demand is still pretty high and as such most of the American Bully Kennels still line up for getting the specimens of this breed.

And one thing that sets this bloodline apart from the rest is the fact that they are created from the same breed of male and hence every dog of this breed has a very similar and consistent look. This is why this breed seems to attract a lot of people and creates a surge in its demand.

There are a lot of American Kennels who now try to create their own Remy by breeding the Razors Edge bullies. If you wish to get a dog from this bloodline you can contact some of their breeders here.

5. Colby Pitbull Bloodline

If you are one of the XL and XXL size Bully lovers, this bloodline is the one to look out for. This one is more than 100 years old. The dogs from this bloodline are extremely strong and sporty and unlike other breeds, they are not that calm as well.

They look fierce and are equally fierce in their temperament as well. This is why the dogs from this bloodline are not suitable as home pets and lapdogs. However, they are pretty useful as a sports dog for a healthy nature.

Nowadays, this bloodline is bred by almost all bully breeders in America owing to their huge demand. These dogs are not the classic Pitbull types but they are big, muscular with long legs.

6. Bully Camp Line

Mr. Miagi is one of the most common names amongst the American bullies and this dog is a top of the line dog from the Bully Camp Line. The more exotic and the iconic ones are 50 percent Razors Edge and 50 percent Bully Camp Line.

However, both of them have created some of the best bloodlines of the American Bullies on their own.

This Kennel is of high repute and they own Mr. Miagi and put this dog in the best use for breeding the best dogs of this bloodline. There is a high demand for the pups of this bloodline.

These dogs are bred pretty intelligently, and as a result, the dogs that are created have a wide-body structure and perfect features. Due to the perfect features of this bloodline, breeders from across the world use the direct descendants of this bloodline to create new versions of bloodlines.

7. Golden Line

This is yet another kennel that produces some of the most loved Bullies in the United States. The kennels of this bloodline produce various breeds based on their specialization.

For instance, some of the kennels of this bloodline are known to produce the XL sized Golden Line bullies while some others work to produce the smaller pocket and even the micro versions of these bullies.

One of the famous kennel producing dogs for this bloodline is The Northwest Gold Line.This kennel is famous for producing the smaller-sized dogs of this bloodline. Due to its location in Oregon, the bloodline is named Northwest.

This kennel is run by an extremely enthusiastic and passionate family and is famous to produce some of the best American Bullies. The dogs produced from this kennel are pretty famous to be the finest and fantastic dogs of the Golden Line.

These dogs are said to be the finest for more than one reason. The dogs from this kennel are said to have very thick bones. They have a peculiarly short and wide-body structure that makes these dogs look very adorable.

When it comes to temperament, this kennel is reputed in ensuring that the dogs bred in this kennel are calm and maintain a friendly aura. All in all, this kennel ensures that they produce and deliver the best lap dogs that are good to fit in a family with kids and living in smaller apartments.

This kennel also produces other bloodlines but Golden Line is what they are well known for. One of their signature studs named Sancho is a massively famous Golden Line that has a thick and wide body. 

To find out more about The Northwest Gold Line kennel click here.

8. Kingpin Line

A combination of fierce looks and a calm and adorable personality among the bullies is quite rare and is visible in only a few bloodlines. However, the dogs from this bloodline are well known to have fierce and sporty looks and loving personalities.

The dogs from the Kingpin line have a passive kind of a personality and they are really not angered easily and hence are good as pets that can stay in apartments. These dogs are said to be amicable and love the presence of kids and people around them.

This bloodline has existed around the place for many decades and is among the most sought after bloodlines for American Bullies.

This bloodline is owned by Mr. J Lomeli who is said to be an ethical breeder with a very good reputation. You can find out more about this bloodline and the breeder on the Instagram Account of Mr. J Lomeli.

Once you become a follower or are a contributor to the bloodline, you can also get some of the high-quality specimens and semen from the studs owned by this famous breeder. 

9. Edge of Gottiline

Now while many pet lovers prefer huge and muscular dogs as their pets, there are others who love their dogs to be small and petite whom they can take with them to places without worrying about their big sizes. Besides, the small and micro-sized bullies look quite adorable.

And if you are one of them, the Edge of Gottiline is the kennel to go for. This one specializes in creating wide and short bodied Pitbulls. Apart from that, other peculiar features of the dogs produced by this kennel include massive structure, blocky heads, wide chest, thick bones, and a low stature.

These adorable pups are a delight to watch and own. They are known to be very amicable as apartment pets and always have a calm and lovable demeanor.

As such the Edge of Gottiline kennel are the experts in creating the modern line of Gottiline dogs. This kennel is known to produce some of the best Gottiline Pitbulls such as Bullseye, Victoria, and Sour Apple.

If you want to find out more or are interested in owning a Gottiline you can check more information on their Facebook page.

10. Nakamoto Bullies

These are the bully breeders that are known to produce the exotic breeds of bullies. They are based out of Southern California and the kennel is named after the son of the family Jack Nakamoto. The family has been in the breeding business since the early 1980s when they used to breed Pitbulls.

They started breeding American Bullies only in the year 2010 and ever since they have been creating the most exotic Nakamoto Bullies in the country. They have been working as a family and that is the reason why the breeds they produce are so popular and sought after.

This kennel is spread over a 60-acre sprawling premise and the family is always open to visitors who wish to visit the kennel. Their main breeding parents are the Karate Kid of The Bully Campline or a pedigree Nakamoto bully.

The exotic breeds produced from the kennel are in high demand and are hence shipped all over the world. The best part about this kennel is the fact that they always breed using vet-certified methods so that the Bullies that are produced here are of the highest quality and healthy. 

If you always wanted to get one American Bully, you can contact them without any second thoughts


With all the top kennels breeding the American Bully being listed, you can sure use all this information to get your own American Bully or maybe start your own breeding business.

Having said that starting your own breeding business is easier said than done and there may be many challenges in doing so.

Moreover, to achieve quick results many use unethical breeding practices which may be illegal and you have to avoid all such illegal ways if you wish to become a legal and successful dog breeder.

So, hard work and ethics are two things that can lead to great results for you as an American Bully Breeder – Use this piece as your ready reference for everything else!!

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