7 Reasons Why You Should Own an American Bully

If you’re looking into getting an American Bully for the first time, you might have come across some of the negative — and quite frankly, untrue — things that are said about the breed. People remark that they are vicious and not to be trusted, especially with your family and kids, and nothing could be further from the truth. These dogs are remarkable for their bond with families and their willingness to please.

The American Bully

What is the real story on the American Bully? According to the American Bully Kennel Club, these dogs are characterized by their “companionship with their family.” While they look fierce, they tend to feature a gentle demeanor. In fact, those that show aggression or are overly protective of people are actually disqualified by the ABKC, and this kennel club also marks extreme shyness as an undesirable trait.

real proof that american bullies are the best

American Bullies have a large, broad head and tend to have a muscular, compact body. They have a heavy bone structure and are medium to large breed dogs—the American Bully has different types. Many American Bullies have cropped ears, but this is not an essential characteristic, so many people are beginning to leave their ears natural. The entire body is generally heavily muscled, with a short coat that can come in just about any color or pattern imaginable.

1.) Ready to be Trained

With the exception of a little bit of Bully hardheadedness, your American Bully is ready to be trained. They are highly intelligent dogs but do require a trainer and/or owner with a firm hand. Because they are confident dogs, you do not have to hold back on your training. In addition, they are stable, not likely to fly off the handle or get easily distracted during their training sessions.

The most important thing is ensuring that everyone in the family is on the same page, establishing an effective pack structure with your Bully in it. You don’t want one person in the family letting the dog bark at other dogs on walks or straining against the leash, or it will make the overall training that you’re doing less effective, as is the case with any dog.

2.) Kidding Around with Kids

American Bullies are a rather friendly lot, and they tend to make excellent family pets. You can breathe easier knowing your friendly pooch will play with your kids outside and make sure that they stay safe, especially when they are playing outside.

These rough and tumble dogs are just that: rough and tumble, meaning they can take a bit of rough-housing. If your kids are rolling around with them and accidentally pull on their ears, most Bullies won’t even bat an eye.

3.) A Real Guard Dog

American Bullies tend to be typecast as a guard dog in pop culture. They do tend to be quite loyal, particularly to their family. The general impression they exude is that of a dog not to be messed with, especially when featuring the heavyset muscle build that tends to be favored in the breed. Couple that with cropped ears, and no would-be criminal is going to want to mess with you or your house.

4.) Peaceful Pups

If you have an American Bully, you can rest assured that your dog has the potential to be everything you need him or her to be: a source of comfort, a source of protection, and a source of fun. These dogs are not dogs that will go out of their way to attack another animal or person unless their person has been threatened.

They do need a bit of work, especially when they are younger, with a firm hand to keep them on track. When they are young, you’ll want to socialize them extensively with other people and animals, as well as make sure that they get plenty of training. Because they want to please their owners, they will generally do what you want with the right coaching.

5.) Energetic About Exercise

To maintain that excellent musculature, your American Bully needs regular exercise. People who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors love to have an American Bully because these pups will readily exercise with you. Smaller, compact American Bullies can even make great apartment dogs, as long as they get regular exercise.

You can take your pup for a run, go walking through the neighborhood, or play in the dog park. Keeping them exercised also keeps their mind active and engaged, providing plenty of enrichment to help keep potentially destructive behaviors at bay.

6.) Keeping the Coat Clean

Your American Bully has an easy-to-maintain coat. They do need to be brushed regularly to help get rid of loose hair and skin cells, and this brushing will help spread their natural oils through their coat, ensuring they shine.

That said, you don’t have to worry about their coats matting or packing down. Bathing them periodically is also helpful, but you don’t have to take them to the groomer every couple of weeks, like you might need to do if you have a Shih Tzu or Poodle.

7.) Built Tough

Many people prize the American Bully for its compact appearance. These dogs have a sleek build, with a broad chest. When kept at a healthy weight, they feature a well-muscled body form, that adds to their appearance.

If you plan to compete in different tasks, such as agility, these dogs make great competitors because of their strength and willingness to please. All you’ll need to do is put in a little work and provide plenty of good nutrition to help them shine.

In Summary

The American Bully is an excellent breed that often gets a bad, rather undeserved, rap. These dogs are great family pets and offer a willingness to please that is often lacking in other dog breeds.

They are loyal and protective, and when socialized and raised appropriately, can handle any situation. They are confident dogs that need a confident owner. If that is you, you should really consider getting an American Bully to add to the family.

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